So you need a little help figuring out what to do when it comes to your workouts??  Check out some of the options below!  You can also subscribe to my YouTube Channel “Little Miss Muscle Personal Training” to get updates when I post new workouts!

The Chullup!  When a chin up & pull up meet and fall in strength & conditioning love:)


Advanced:  TRX Stability Ball Roll Outs

Crawling!  It’s primal, it’s tough and something you should be doing!

2 Fat Burning Circuits!  Total Fat Funeral Happening Here!

Speed Ladder Drills & A Beastly Barbell Complex!

How to build a cardio workout without using machines!

Do you watch Shark Tank?!  I saw the product, ‘The Natural Grip’ on the show, bought them & made this review.  These are great, custom fit grips to protect your hands during training!

Wall & Sprint Workout!

Welcome to my morning…with kiddos up waaaaay too early…and Friday Gym Fun!

Leg Workout!

Headbanger Pull Ups

Core Conditioning Circuit Part One

Core Conditioning Circuit Part Two

The Human Wrecking Ball because it’s no fun to be too serious too often!

Sue’s Weight Loss Journey Continues…she’s on track & making progress!

Got Glutes?

Machine-FREE high intensity cardio!

Partner workout with…MY PARTNER!!  Good job, Kyle:)

My Mom came to visit…and I made her do THIS!

Killer legs!!!  Check out this dynamic duo of movements!

How to do a headstand…because your core will thank you and it’s FUN!

Active Kids!  Sign them up for a Mud Run & Obstacle Course!  Check out my daughter tackling her first mud race!!  Congrats, Alexandra!

Deficit Hand Stand Tips & Rich’s FIRST wall hand stand…EVER!!  Great job, Rich!

4 Tips To Better Jump Roping!

Awkward gym moments, deficit push ups and single arm curl to press – lots going on today!

Grab your balls!!!!!!  One tool, 5 exercises that work perfectly one into the next!!

Partner Strength Training…with Jenny & Dave!

Triple Move Booty Builder!

Plyometrics Obstacle Course:  Work this one (or the shown modification!) into the Booty Builder Routine above!

Fat Burning Metabolic Circuit #1

Fat Burning Metabolic Circuit #2

The family that throws around weights together, stays together!!  Visited my big brother in San Diego recently, here’s a bit of our SoCal workout!

Stability Ball Side Lunge!  Another great one to get your legs prepped for ski season…or bikini season!

Get Ready for Ski Season!!  Grab your BOSU and get to work!

Eat your veggies!  If you’re not a fan of brussels sprouts, try them like THIS before you never try them again:)

Barbell Jump Squats to help with explosive power in the bottom of your squat!

2 Quick & Easy Tips To Start Rockin’ Your Push Ups!

Bed Sheet Workout!! Grab a sheet & get moving!!!

Crunch-Banana-Flip-Burpee:  You know you love it!

3-Part Strength &  Conditioning Circuit:  A play on some push/pull movements

Sue’s Story Part One:  Meet my client, Sue.  This is what real life training is all about.  Sue has real struggles that many of you can relate to…she’s struggles with consistency, motivation & feeling like she’s worth it…and I assure you, she is worth it!  She’s beautiful, kind and hard working.  We’ve been training together for more than a year and she finally agreed to share her story…this is a major breakthrough for Sue, who’s been very afraid to fail and didn’t want to announce her fitness efforts because of it.  So please, cheer her on & wish her well!

Sue’s Story Part Two:  Sue accomplished an amazing milestone today!  She shaved 4 minutes off her minute/mile pace on our run!  We’ve been working on this for a few weeks and Sue made major progress in this session!   The workout you’re about to watch is what Sue accomplished *after* her mile run (minus the foam rolling with Olaf!!).  Congrats, Sue!

Sue joined the gym!!!…now, let’s make sure she uses it!

An exercise for all fitness levels!  You can do the beginner OR advanced option of these walk up/plyo push ups!  Check it out & give it a try!

What do you get when you mix the California outdoors, a creepy black cat & an ex con??  Whyyyyy a workout video from Little Miss Muscle, of course!!  Enjoy:)

Sledge hammers, tires, ropes, cannon ball grips, rings…so many fun tools, so many options!

Cable Crunches – you’ll need a gym for this one!

Park Workout!!  Sandbag work & monkey bar sky dips…pretty cool:)

Metabolic Circuit!  Repeat this sequence for 20 minutes at a high intensity (for you!).  Work these total body/multi-joint movements with minimal rest to help you burn fat during & AFTER your workout!

I was honored to be invited to train Army Future Soldiers!  What a fantastic group of young men & women!  Here’s what went down:

Barbell Complex:  Pull / Push Ladder

LMM Advanced Training:  Plyo Push Ups, TRX & RIP Trainer

Kettlebell Single Arm Swing/Flip/Squat & Press!!

Partner Training Drills with Dave & Jenn!

More Partner Training Drills with Dave & Jenn!

American Ninja Warrior Training…lots of work to do!!

I LOVE coaching partner training sessions!  Here’s father-daughter duo Dave & Jenn puttin’ in some serious work on their balance, plyo and SAQ partner drills!

Bodyweight Work-it-Out!!!!  Using Slider PLUS a home workout option at the end!

Kettlebell Hop Back Deadlifts w/ a Push Up!

Advanced Movement:  Rolling Tricep Dip Crunch

Hakuna Masquata:  It means nice booty!

Build a better butt! Medial Glute Step Ups!

Stabilizer Work!  Flat Bench Chest Press w/ Kettlebells & Pull Up Bands!

Partner Training Drills!

Advanced Mixed TRX Workout

Strong Core:  Resistance Band Plank & Pull

Total Body!  Landmine Single Arm Press & Pulls; Lunge Lift & Chop

Advanced TRX Back & Chest Sequence – you always get core work on the TRX!

Core Strength & Stability:  Medicine Ball Plyo Jumps

Mommy-Daughter Power Duo Pull Ups!!!

Jefferson Deadlifts (bad videography by a great friend:)

Barbell Ascending Ladder: Barbell Rows and Barbell Push Ups; Start with one of each exercise and then 2, 3, 4…all the way up to 10! Minimal rest!

3 Exercise Circuit:  A twist on step-ups, plank rows with a press & plank slider passes!!

Hittin’ those upper abs!!!  BOSU Reach Ups

Strengthen your Glutes & Hamstrings!  Smith Machine Hip Press

Core Challenge! Side Plank to Single Leg Get Up