Go Big Or Go Home: Is it helping you fail?

plate pull ups2Why is it that some people can be so extremely successful with body change yet others just can’t stay the course?

Motivation, desire, drive…those all play a part.  There’s a million reasons, or excuses typically, that explain why we fail.

BUT there is one thing that stands out time & time again:  too many people are simply not up for the challenge, the hard work and the patience it takes to achieve the body they see in their heads.  The idea of fitting into a size 6 and the reality of achieving it are two very different things.

Pictures in your head = easy.  Process = hard.

So we have a ‘moment’…maybe it’s when our pants are super tight with the dreadful muffin top hanging over a liiiiiiitle more than usual…maybe it’s when the doctor says she wants to put us on medicine for high blood pressure or cholesterol (great, now I’m being forced into it)….maybe it’s when we look in the mirror and think ‘what the hell has happened to me?’

SO…we get amped up for changed.  We throw ourselves ALL IN.  We commit to a “diet.”  We’re gonna do this!!!  YES!!  By summer, I’ll be looking AH-MA-ZING!!

We refuse all the food we want (making sure to tell everyone — ‘oh no I can’t I’m on this diet right now’).  We force ourselves to eat things we don’t like, workout more than we want, and pretend to be cool with it all…for a while.  GO BIG OR GO HOME, right??


What’s wrong with making a few small changes?  Taking small steps?  What’s wrong with saying “I need help!  This is too much for me and I want to succeed so PLEASE help me find another way!”

Here’s a “F.I.T.” scenario:  Your trainer (me) writes 5 workouts per week for you.  You can either say, “Holy $h!t!  Working out 5 days a week is really hard and probably not something I’ll ever do consistently – sooooo let me start with 3 and commit to doing that.”  **OR** you can do the workouts for a week or two and say,  “5 workouts a week is seriously too much for me.  I’m just gonna stop.”

GO BIG OR GO HOME.  No way.  Don’t go home.  Go little by little and ask for help along the way.  Make things work for YOU.  Do things that make you HAPPY.  Work to be STRONGER instead of skinnier.  Find a support system and latch on to it.  Let people help you.  Let yourself be better by doing things in a way that work for YOU!

‘One size fits all’ never looked good on any’body.’